The value of competition

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With the policy and implementation, in order to promote the development of the industry; We invite the innovation leaders and users who come from tomestic and foreign blockchain, constituting this competition’s jury together; We’ll collect the most commercial application value of the blockchain applications and products, build the largest, most influential and most innovative block chain industry event of the year; Through the competition for commercial resources docking, providing the think tank, capital, market trinity acceleration assistance for the innovation team and project; Authoritative media covered the whole process, multi-angle, cover all aspects of the competition process, exposing the contest results and technical items of the competition; Customize the media promotion methods of the participating teams professionally, we’ll create multi-level and all-around integrated brand services, maximize its business value; The first session of global block chain innovation and entrepreneurship competition will gather global blockchain technology elites and teams to compete, including the top technical team come from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

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2018-06-19 11:51
最具影响力、最具创新力、最具商业应用价值的区块链应用和产品盛会。 国内外专业区块链创新领袖与应用者组成大赛权威评审团。 政策扶持推动项目落地,以落地应用推动行业发展 项目资源对接,提供智库、资本、市场三位一体的加速辅助。 权威媒体全程报道,多角度,全方面覆盖大赛进程及技术成果。 专业定制参赛团队品牌服务,最大化项目商业价值。 与华尔街、硅谷顶尖技术团队同台竞赛。 多个城市项目巡演,推动区块链技术应用的落地,推动打造健康的行业生态。 >